MSC Oscar

With space for 19,224 containers, MSC Oscar in 2015 became history's largest cargo ship.


19,224 - that's the number of cargo containers MSC Oscar can carry at one time. With this sheer number, she became the world's largest container ship in 2015. Her main engine is a two-stroke MAN Diesel that is 15.5 m high, 25 m long and 11 m wide. MSC Oscar was built in South Korea and got its name after the son of Mediterranean Shipping Company's owner. Our room has no cargo containers but a number of wooden boxes hanging from the ceiling may symbolize these. The room has a warm light from several light sources and a lot of wood elements. Welcome!


Area: 18 sqm. Bedroom, hall, bathroom with shower and toilet.

Equipment: Large TV, armchair, desk, wardrobe and refrigerator.

Amenities: Kettle and hairdryer. Coffee, tea, chocolate and hygiene items.

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