HMS Victory

Join Lord Nelson's flagship in the Royal British Navy and feel the wings of history at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.


Step into this bright room with modern details in yellow and black. HMS Victory was a first class vessel in the British Royal Navy and has truly lived up to its name. She has since fought the launch of 1765 in five historical battles, among them as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Since then, HMS Victory is a ship's museum in Portsmouth, southern England. With 240 years behind her, she is the oldest ship still in service.

Twin Room (can be converted into a double room)

Area: 18 sqm. Bedroom, hall, bathroom with shower and toilet.

Equipment: Large TV, armchair, desk, wardrobe and refrigerator.

Amenities: Kettle and hairdryer. Coffee, tea, chocolate and hygiene items.

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