HMS Endeavour

Take an unforgettable voyage of discovery across the Pacific in the spirit of Carl von Linne to Australia and New Zealand in the late 18th century.


The British scientist James Cooks made a voyage of discovery in the Pacific from 1768-1771 which has become one of the most famous voyages of discovery in history. One of the participants in the trip was the Swedish Daniel Solander, who trained by Carl von Linné, traveled to collect and document plants from Australia and New Zealand. This beautiful room goes in the characteristic combination of blue and brown that HMS Endeavor had and which gives a suitable feeling of sea and land.


Area: 18 sqm. Bedroom, hall, bathroom with shower and toilet.

Equipment: Large TV, large soft armchair, desk, wardrobe and refrigerator.

Amenities: Kettle and hairdryer. Coffee, tea, chocolate and hygiene items.

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