Experience sleeping in the whaling ship Essex, which in 1820 was lost and became the inspiration for the stories of Moby Dick.


Join us on an exciting journey out on dangerous water. The Essex ship was the American whaling ship that came down in 1820 when it was attacked by the whale it was trying to defeat. The crew became stranded and after three months a few survivors were rescued who then told us about this incredible and horrible experience. These stories became the inspiration for one of history's most famous short stories; the story of Moby Dick. This room features blue-turquoise tones, authentic ropes and a large map of the world covering the walls.


Area: 18 sqm. Bedroom, hall, bathroom with shower and toilet.

Equipment: Large TV, armchair, desk, wardrobe and refrigerator.

Amenities: Kettle and hairdryer. Coffee, tea, chocolate and hygiene items.

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